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I’m finding CodeIgniter a little frustrating right now.  I really wanted to use an MVC tool, but CI is not playing well with IIS.  Also, the documentation really isn’t that great, even for an open-source project.

Alas, like most PHP projects it just wasn’t designed or tested with IIS in mind.  Fortunately I’m discovering this relatively early in the project, but I’m a little frustrated that some of these things are coming up now.

I think given the choice, since the IIS setup was decided for me before, I might have push ASP.NET Forms (vs MVC) instead.  Something I’ll keep in mind for next time.

Of course, CodeIgniter does work much better on my local Apache development environment.  I don’t want to come down too hard on it.  I’m just not impressed with how it works on IIS.

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  1. Music to my ears! I’m so glad I’m not the only one frustrated by CI on IIS. I’ve been learning it to get up and going with PHP sites, and while waiting for MVC.Net to get to a stable release, and while it runs well on a LAMP setup, I’m struggling somewhat to get the same results on IIS, and sometimes even XAMPP (although that may be the XAMPP setup). What are your thoughts on MVC now, 3 months later?

  2. Hi Raithlin, thanks so much for the great comment!

    After 3 months ASP.NET MVC has seen a TON of development, including a Beta release with a go-live license. Not only that, but sites like StackOverflow are out based entirely on ASP.NET MVC.

    I’ve also been watching some of the PDC talks on MVC. Microsoft is VERY committed to the MVC Framework, which is really exciting to me. I’m still not expecting a final release until the .NET 4.0 Framework / Visual Studio 2010, probably coming out next year with Windows 7.

    There are still a few major pieces missing, like HTML caching, but if I were to do it now I would go entirely ASP.NET MVC.

    That said, the IIS team IS ALSO doing tons of work to get PHP running faster and more stable on IIS/Windows. They’ve released URL Rewriting modules, a FastCGI module and some other cool stuff too. Unfortunately I’m pretty sure these only work on IIS7/Server 2008, which doesn’t help me since my current hosting is still Server 2003.

    So three months later, my personal opinion right now is that PHP is still better on Apache and Apache is better on Linux/Unix, BUT C#/ASP.NET MVC is much better than those.

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