So today I ran into an interesting issue with DataBinding to a CheckBoxList in ASP.NET 2.0; you cannot bind the checked state to the checked boxes. You can bind the Value and Text, but not the Checked state.

This leaves you with a few options for setting the checked state after databinding:

  1. Manually build the ListItem Collection for the CheckBoxList, setting the Value, Text and Selected values instead of databinding.
  2. Loop through the Items collection after databinding checking for each item.
  3. There is no number 3.

I decided to manually build a ListItem collection as follows:

foreach (DataRow dataRow in dataTable) {
string text =
string value = Convert.ToString(dataRow[COLUMN_VALUE]);
bool selected = Convert.ToBoolean(dataRow[COLUMN_SELECTED]);
ListItem newListItem = new ListItem();
newListItem.Text = text;
newListItem.Value = value;
newListItem.Selected = selected;