Advice for .NET Web Developers: Learn the command-line!

Visual Studio has spoiled us .NET developers. In Visual Studio we have a GUI that does everything for us: compiling, source-control, editing, you don’t even have to remember class or method names because of auto-complete and parameter guessing! It is all there and it holds your hand and it feels safe and easy.

The next version of ASP.NET is going to use a lot of the web functionality that many .NET devs have never seen: NPM, Bower, Grunt, and others. Visual Studio will probably cover the front-end of those things, but it will be invaluable for you to learn them the way they were meant to be used: from the command-line.

The Mobile Web Browser

Remember back in the days of the browser wars? We chose a browser and that was what defined our web experience. In the end Microsoft won with Internet Explorer. They had the desktop marketshare and IE was integrated into the OS to the point that it was (arguably) the fastest and easiest to use. Eventually sites were just built for IE only, or Netscape Navigator only. But a new browser war is forming. In these “modern times” the web browsers are integrated into the phone’s OS as IE was with Windows 95, and we pretty much live with them the way they are: Safari on iPhone, whatever is labeled “Browser” on the Android and BlackBerry, Internet Explorer on Windows Phone, etc.. But a new battle for browser market-share is forming with Opera and Mozilla drawing battle lines.

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Internet Explorer 9 Beta and HTML5

I downloaded the latest Internet Explorer 9 beta this morning and ran it against, and it scored 96 points out of 300. Chrome gets 231 points and even Firefox 3.6 gets 139 (4.0 beta gets 215).
I’m more than a little disappointed. It looks like Internet Explorer is going to continue the tradition of obsolescence and suckage.
Chrome has been my default browser for a long time, and I’m glad that it is! The new IE9 is fast, but that is probably because it doesn’t do anything yet.
Here is hoping that the IE9 team brings in more adoption before IE9 releases.