The Android Advantage

Last November I had to trade in my LG Windows Phone 7 phone. Unfortunately I was a month early for the new wave of Windows Phone 8 phones, so I ended up going the safe route and getting a Samsung Galaxy S3. To me there is one thing that sets Android based phones head-and-shoulders above the iPhone and Windows Phone competitors.

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What Makes A Good ORM?

I’ve been using a few ORMs with a few projects, including NHibernate, SubSonic, Linq-to-SQL (L2S) and Entity Framework (EF) and even Strongly-Typed DataSets. Each provides an abstraction from the database, a few have Visual Studio integration, and they all simplify data storage for you, but I’ve found some are definitely better than others.

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My New Laptop: Sony Vaio VGN-FW265D

I recently bought a new Sony Vaio Laptop.  Typically I don’t like Sony for much, what with all their rootkits and such.  There were a few reasons I decided to buy this laptop though: it had 4GB of RAM, it had a wide-screen (1600×900) and it had a BluRay drive and it was under $1200.

To put it short, this computer is excellent for development. It’s got all the RAM I need to run Visual Studio, and SQL Server and even some virtual machines.  The screen is fantastic and a great resolution for developing on.  I’m a big fan of wide screens because I can fit more code onto the screen.

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