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PSake: PowerShell Make

Ever since I first heard about it on the Plumbers @ Work Podcast I’ve been looking forward to the release of the psake PowerShell build tool James Kovacs was developing.

Looks like one of the first versions have been released.  I’m excited for two reasons: 1) command-line build tools are always the most powerful tools, 2) I can use this to learn PowerShell!  🙂

Anyway, thanks to James Kovacs!  I’m looking forward to trying it out!

A Warning to Skype Users

Just a warning to anyone else out there who uses Skype: Skype uses TCP Port 80 and Port 443 as alternatives for incoming calls!  This will prevent you from starting up IIS or Apache (which was happening to me).

To fix this issue open up Skype Options (Tools > Options in the Menu) and select the “Connection” tab. There you will find a checkbox marked “Use port 80 and 443 as alternatives for incoming connections”.  Uncheck that box and you should be okay.