This is the weblog of myself, Eric “Airsick” / “willcode4coffee” Hoff. I am an avid coffee drinker who sometimes writes software blog posts in-between cups of coffee. This weblog is where I write my programming and computer related articles.

I work as an ASP.NET developer using MVC, WebAPI, Backbone, Bootstrap and other cutting-edge web technology.

I am currently developing the web app at Our Family Saves Together. My wife and I believe strongly in budgeting and saving money and we want to help others do that too.

Nothing on this site reflects any opinions of my employer, it is entirely my mistake.

I also own Hoffsoft Consulting Services Corporation, my own software consulting business. Originally I was going to name my company “Will Code For Coffee”, but my wife didn’t think it sounded professional enough. So I chose the most outrageously professional sounding name I could find! I don’t do much consulting work anymore.

I can be reached via the comments for the blog, or via my blog email address: eric@willcodeforcoffee.com.

Follow me on Twitter at http://twitter.com/willcode4coffee.

I have a Tumblr where I occasionally post music videos at: http://willcodeforcoffee.tumblr.com/