It was recently announced that the next version of ASP.NET (4.0?) would ship with jQuery, and the new Beta of the ASP.NET MVC Framework shipped with jQuery as well.  I've been using jQuery with ASP.NET for a while, so I wanted to post some links related to jQuery to help some other people who are jQuery noobs out.

1. Custom jQuery Selector

One of the best parts of jQuery is it's robost CSS style element selector. However, ASP.NET screws up our element IDs.  John Sheehan did some cool research and created a custom selector to select items based on the end of of the item ID.

2. The jQuery UI Widgets

jQuery UI comes with some great UI widgets, especially in the development bundle.  See the download builder for all of the utilities.

Also, check out the UI Theme Roller to build custom themes.

3. The Date Picker Plugin

I can't remember the last app I've developed without a Date Picker.

4. The Form Plugin

The Form plugin has some good tools, including a form data serializer (often handy when calling webservices).

5.  The bgiframe Plugin

The bgIframe plugin is good for fixing Z-Index issues in popups on Internet Exploder.

6. The BlockUI Plugin

BlockUI is handy for preventing extra button clicks on elements you're updating with a web service or even inside an UpdatePanel if you're still into that kind of thing...  :)